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Ubisoft brings the Rabbids to The Sandbox metaverse

Updated: May 25, 2022

The Sandbox announced today it is partnering with Ubisoft to bring the Rabbids (and others) to its gaming metaverse. Ubisoft is creating its Land in the game, where it’ll offer interactive experiences with the Rabbids (and other characters in the future). It’ll also make its characters available to those using The Sandbox’s Game Maker tools.

Ubisoft plans to bring “game IP elements” to The Sandbox. It’s possible the Rabbids may not be alone in Ubisoft’s Land for long. Game Maker creators can use voxelized versions of the Rabbids while making their own metaverse games.

The Sandbox has partnered with multiple other companies within its metaverse. Most recently, it partnered with Warner Music to make a music-themed world in the metaverse. Sebastien Borget, COO and co-founder of The Sandbox, said of its partnership with Ubisoft, “We welcome Ubisoft into the open Metaverse as we work together to create new possibilities for players, fans, and creators with blockchain and Web 3.”

Guillaume Mammi, Ubisoft’s senior manager of new business and partnerships, said in a statement, “We’re excited to bring the Rabbids to The Sandbox community and to empower players to create their own original experiences incorporating elements of our gaming IP. We can’t wait to see how they make the Rabbids’ world their own. The Sandbox is an obvious new fun playground addition to the long list of Rabbids world invasions, and a great opportunity for Ubisoft to experiment a metaverse experience for its brands.”

Ubisoft has been experimenting with other gameplay experiences alongside its dabbling in a metaverse experience. It was one of the first triple-A game publishers to announce its own NFTs. It rolled these NFTs, called Digits, out to Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

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Source: VentureBeat

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