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Beginner's guide

Beginner's guide Learn how to set up an account, store, trade, and earn with crypto on Kikitrade in minutes!

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How to open an account

Welcome to Kikitrade! Let's start your social x crypto investing journey now!

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Register in 1 minute on Kikitrade


1. Sign up using either your email address or your mobile number

2. Select Country Language will be displayed according to your selected country/region.

3. Enter your email address or mobile number

4. Fill in invitation code (optional)

How to share your invitation code with friends and earn rewards together

How to complete verification (KYC) process

  1.  Go to "Personal Center" → “Identity verification”

  2. Scan your passport or ID, and click upload. Please make sure that all photos are in-focus.

  3. Remove all your accessories that could hide your face (glasses, cap, hat, mask) and make sure your face is in the centre of the frame. Then, click "I'm Ready" to complete biometric verification.

  4. The KYC verification process will take 1-5 business days

Why Set Up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

  1.  Go to "Personal Center" → “Safety Settings”

  2.  Tap "Google Authentication", then click "Go to download" or search for "Google Authenticator" on the App Store/Google Play Store to download.

  3.  Save your 16-digit key, then open Google Authenticator and enter the 16-digit key

  4. Go back to Kikitrade, enter the 6-digit verification code, and click "Start Google Authenticator"

General Tutorial


1. Click "Deposit" → "C2C deposit/withdraw"

2. Go to "Buy" page, then click "buy"

3. Enter the amount that you would like to buy, then click "Buy USDT".

4. Settle the payment within 30 minutes after confirming the payment information. Keep at least 2 proofs of payment, such as proofs of the remittance and screenshots.

5. Click "I have paid" after the payment is complete.

6. USDT will be sent to your wallet once the seller confirms that the payment is received.

How to deposit crypto on Kikitrade?

  1. ​ Go to "Wallet"

  2.  Select the cryptocurrency that you would like to deposit.

  3.  Press "Deposit" ,then save the deposit address

    *Remember to click "Generate address" first for the first time **Please ensure that the correct chain type is selected. Kikitrade supports ERC20 and BEP20 only.

  4. Transfer your assets from an external wallet to the newly copied address.

    ***There will be a delay when your deposit is from a smart contract wallet (e.g., BlockFi, Etoro, Paxful) as extra processing time is required.

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