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Making deposits & withdrawals simpler


You can easily exchange fiat currency and digital assets between individual users without a third party or intermediary.

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What is C2C?

Customer-to-customer (C2C) trading is a form of trading where a buyer and seller directly exchange their crypto and fiat assets through our online marketplace on our platform.

Through Kikitrade C2C, you can:


C2C Features of Kikitrade


$0 transaction fee

Kikitrade C2C does not charge any handling fees for transactions between users. Neither buyers nor sellers need to pay any handling fees.

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Strict KYC screening 

Kikitrade will act as a third-party platform and carry out rigorous KYC verification procedures for buyers and sellers to ensure the safety of users' assets.

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Safe trading environment

Transactions are protected by third-party escrow. If any party has doubts about the transaction process, they can open an "Appeal" or contact Kikitrade customer support for assistance.

6 steps to sell crypto via C2C

Buy Crypto

As there is no need to go through a third party or intermediary via Kikitrade C2C, you are given greater flexibility in buying and selling your digital asset between individual users.

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1. Register and complete Identity Authentication (KYC)


6 steps to sell crypto via C2C

​Sell Crypto

You can post a trade Ad to sell your crypto assets with zero Ad fees. To ensure safe and fair trading, the crypto will be locked until the transaction is successfully confirmed by both buyers and sellers.

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1. Register and complete Identity Authentication (KYC)


Terms & Conditions

You must complete the KYC verification before trading via Kikitrade C2C.

  1. You can immediately trade crypto in the spot market after buying USDT via C2C.

  2. To secure the assets of both parties, the corresponding amount of fiat and crypto will be automatically locked by the system until the transaction is completed.

  3. Kikitrade's C2C deposits & withdrawals are currently free of charge.

  4. Users can only see the ads posted by buyers or sellers in the same KYC region.

  5. ​The Zendesk version of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

C2C Trading FAQ

Know more about C2C trading, Ad posting, payment methods, and account-related issues. 

C2C Beginners Guide

Click to get novice notes and basic concepts about C2C and quickly start C2C trading from scratch.

How to use Kikitrade C2C

Read Kikitrade's C2C guidelines for dummies to learn how to trade via C2C.

C2C Appeal Process

Browse more C2C Appeal instructions to understand how Kikitrade's appeal process works! 

Got any questions on C2C?
Join the Kikitrade Telegram Group and have a chat with our team!

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