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 Christmas Limited Offer 

Merry Ki's Mas!
USDT Flexible Savings boosted up to  12% 

Kikitrade has prepared a surprise offer to make this holiday more special! From 2021/12/23  00:00 to 2021/01/06 23:59 (GMT+8), Kikitrade USDT Flexible Savings APY will increase from 8% to 12% with an extra 4% bonus interest !

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Safest industry-grade wallet security protection

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Hong Kong 1st crypto social investment platform

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High compliance standard

registered under AUSTRAC

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Best trading experience with real-time data & Ultra-low latency

Details and Conditions



  1. [ Example ] Samuel has 10,000 USDT in his flexible savings account and he has successfully subscribed 5,000 USDT during the event. He can get: [ (10,000 × 9) + (15,000 × 6) ] × 4% ÷ 365 = 19.72 USDT in 15 day.

  2. All successfully subscribed USDT savings can enjoy an extra 4% bonus interest.

  3. The extra bonus interest will be issued within 7 working days after the event.

  4. For any inquiries on the event, please contact Kikitrade customer support. Kikitrade reserves the final interpretation of the activity, and our company will have the right to take any necessary action against any unusual access.

  5. This activity is not related to Apple Inc.

  6. ​All Activity rules are subjected to Zendesk 

How to get started



Sign up with
mobile / email

Launch Kikitrade and use your phone/email address to register.

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Go to "Savings"

Go to HOME and click on Savings Icon on the bottom of the Kikitrade App.

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Subscribe USDT

Click "Subscribe Now" for USDT under "Flexible Saving" (Note: The system will still display 8% during the event, which does not affect the 4% bonus interest)

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Set subscription amount

Enter the desired USDT subscription amount. All "successfully subscribed account will receive 4% bonus interest. The extra interest will be paid to your USDT saving account within 7 working days after the event ends.

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