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What is Ripple(XRP) ?

Launching in 2013, XRP aims to complement traditional payments, migrating transactions that occur today between databases controlled by financial institutions to a more open infrastructure.


XRP is notable for a design that sparked continuing discussion about how blockchains can be architected and the use cases they should attempt to address. 


Unlike Bitcoin, which allows anyone to contribute computing power to validate transactions and secure the software, the XRP Ledger grants this power only to approved participants.

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Why buy Ripple (XRP) ?

Why buy XRP?

Ripple is cheap compared to its previous high level in 2018. It is also the world’s fourth-biggest cryptocurrency. A large market cap is a strong sign of investor confidence and makes the asset more resistant to volatile market cycles or dips. Moreover, Ripple is more than a cryptocurrency or technology. Ripple Labs Inc has over 500 full-time employees, including public relations and marketing specialists who promote the technology to banks, investors, new users, and the public.

How to buy Ripple (XRP) ?

How to buy XRP?


Sign up at Kikitrade

Sign up for a Kikitrade account: Provide an email address, choose a username, and pick a strong, secure password.


Verify your identity

To prevent identity theft or fraud,

you’ll need a passport/ ID card to make sure it’s really you.


Deposit fiat or cryptocurrency

To deposit crypto, just create a deposit address and send the funds to this address. Funding your account with fiat currencies for trading can be done in a number of ways, including Bank Transfer, SWIFT and domestic wire transfers. The option you select will be based on your location and preference.


Start buying Ripple (XRP) !

Open Kikitrade, click "Market" and start buying Ripple with USD, HKD & USDT.

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