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Kikitrade, a licensed crypto social trading platform, is launched

OCT. 05, 2020

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Cryptocurrency has become one of the most prominent asset classes of the 21st century. Yet its complexity, volatility and steep learning curve has deterred many everyday people from enjoying its exponential growth. Kikitrade, launched by KKTD Technologies Limited, caters to the mass market through a mix of technological and user experience innovations, and a simple yet powerful product.

Crypto app designed for everyday investors

When Bitcoin was launched in 2009, it was meant for the mass. Despite the large market cap and liquidity it has built up over the decade, most investment platforms today were built to serve the professional traders, speculators and early crypto adopters.

Kikitrade is here to re-invent the crypto investing experience that the world grew custom to. After comparing and trying hundreds of investment apps worldwide, the company spent 1 year stealthily crafting Kikitrade.

With arguably the best user experience for the mass market, Kikitrade empowers crypto observers, millennials, GenZ, women and non-finance professionals to interact with digital assets with as little as US$1 at users' fingertips. Kikitrade promises users no hidden transaction fees, now and forever. For the idle funds, users can even make a deposit in the saving account to earn up to 5.5% annual interest payout.

Proprietary community and social trading features

Kikitrade is not only an investment platform but also a vibrant community of like-minded individuals seeking financial knowhow and well-being, making it one of the best community and education apps in crypto. Users can not only view, comment, and follow other users, but also participate in polls, games and Q&As. Moreover, users can access a personalized flow of market moving news aggregated from major media outlets, visualized trading indicators, as well as free tutorial videos.

Last but not least, Kikitrade's ground-breaking Heroes function allows users to compare the historical returns and real-time positions of the community's best traders meticulously verified by Kikitrade. Through the proprietary, battle-tested social trading engine, users can seamlessly copy every single move of the Heroes they selected, making the top-performing traders work for you in the crypto world.

World-class standard of compliance, reliability and security

As one of the very few companies to receive a crypto exchange license in Australia, Kikitrade is complying with one of the world's highest standards of KYC, AML, asset segregation, custodian, auditing, company governance, and clients' protection.

Protecting clients' assets is Kikitrade's number 1 priority. To provide the safest and industry-grade wallet, Kikitrade partners with Swiss-based crypto bank for insured custodian solution and Israeli-based cybersecurity firm for penetration tests.  Kikitrade has assembled a team of senior engineers, financial architects and blockchain specialists, averaging 10 years of working experience in Alipay, Meituan, ByteDance, Credit Suisse, Macquarie and Goldman Sachs. The team is proud to create Kikitrade and is committed to growing with users.

About Kikitrade

Kikitrade is a digital assets investment platform that is fun to use and easy to trade. With unique designs and proprietary technologies, Kikitrade is the most friendly gateway for the millennials and everyday people to start their crypto journey.

About EVG

EVG, co-founder of Kikitrade, is an investment and incubation holding focusing on the mass adoption of digital assets. Backed by a consortium of renowned conglomerates, private equity funds and family offices across Greater China, Korea, Japan, Australia and Southeast Asia, EVG has participated in some of the world's most famous Fintech and blockchain companies.

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