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KIKI Limited NFTs

The Year-end prize that's yours to take!

From now on to 2023/1/31 23:59 (GMT+8)

Christmas is over, but KIKI's limited NFTs are not! We will still be giving out more special edition NFTs to eligible ones joining our Community events, so make sure you don't miss out on the rewards!


Join this Community event now to add all 3 limited Christmas, New Year and Lunar New Year NFT to your collection, and enter for the Year-end Prize!


Wealthy KIKI

users collected all 3 limited NFT of
Christmas - New Year - Lunar New Year
will be getting 50 USDT!
  1. Fuel will be calculated and credited to user account in 5 business days as the event period ends;

  2. All prizes are eligible to use with rewards from other Kikitrade events at the same time;

  3. KYC1 verification is required to enter this event;

  4. For any inquiries regarding details of the event, please contact Kikitrade Customer support;

  5. Kikitrade reserves all rights to finalize any interpretations of terms and conditions of the event details; and any protocol taken necessarily against unusual actions;

  6. This event does not involve Apple Inc.

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