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Light up all the bulbs on the Christmas tree!

Christmas Check-ins

Check-in & post in Community
to claim limited KIKI Christmas NFT

12 / 24 00:00 - 12 / 26 23:59 (GMT+8)


Xmas Tree check in

Screenshot K-line of any trading pairs during the event period, edit and draw a Christmas tree, then share your sketches to the Community with the   #Christmas Check-ins   hashtag.  

Collect    100 fuel   when you checked in for 3 consecutive days.

Merry Xmas Daily

Post something festive with elements of Kikitrade in
Community and tag
  #Christmas Check-ins   to vibe together! 

🎄 most popular 3 will be getting  100 fuel
🎄 other qualified users will be  sharing 100 USDT

Holy All-nighters

🎄 12/24 18:00

Lock down on airdrop released in Community (KIKI Official will be posting the airdrop link to grab on a first-come first-serve basis.

🎄 12/25 1800-23:59

Limited KIKI Christmas 2022 NFT for 10 most active users *Definition = highest average rate of engagement during the event period (count of posts + comments + likes)
  1. Fuel will be calculated and credited to user account in 5 business days as the event period ends;

  2. All prizes are eligible to use with rewards from other Kikitrade events at the same time;

  3. KYC1 verification is required to enter this event;

  4. For any inquiries regarding details of the event, please contact Kikitrade Customer support;

  5. Kikitrade reserves all rights to finalize any interpretations of terms and conditions of the event details; and any protocol taken necessarily against unusual actions;

  6. This event does not involve Apple Inc.

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